The following is a list of all the archives in the Society, in the care of our archivist, Colin Such. They are available to borrow or consult by all members of the society. Those with the suffix E in brackets are available in digital form and there is a link to some of them from this index.


LH1 List of documents referring to Warwickshire held in the Public Record Office, the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Library and Archive (SBT) and the Warwickshire County Record Office (WCRO) and index of books and articles on Warwickshire
LH14 Notes on the Royal Warks. Regiment and the Warks. Fusiliers
LH15 “Domesday Lighthorne” by Peter Hinman (2000) and notes
LH16 Photocopy of transcript of Lay Subsidy Roll of 6 Edward III, Hundred of Kineton.
LH18 Extract from transcript of “Feet of Fines for the County of Warwick”, detailing land holdings in Lighthorne from the 13th to the 15th centuries
LH19(E) Extract from “The Antiquities of Warwickshire Illustrated” by Dugdale
LH20 Extract from “Victoria County Histories”, volume 5, Kington Hundred
LH21 Extracts about Lighthorne from various books on Warwickshire
LH22 Extract from “The Journal of the Diocese of Worcester”, circa 1850
LH23 Extracts from directories: West’s 1830; Kelly’s 1896 and 1926; White’s 1850, 1874; Spennell’s 1883, 1926; Morris’s 1866
LH39 Photocopies of various maps:
LH39.1 Victorian topographical
LH39.2 Soil types of Warwickshire
LH39.3 Jurassic Way and triple ditch system
LH39.4 Avon Valley in Roman period
LH39.5 Celtic coin distribution in the Midlands
LH39.6 Early settlement in the Burton Dassett area
LH39.7 Medieval settlement in the Burton Dassett area
LH39.8 Lay subsidy tax in Warwickshire
LH39.9 Various maps of Lighthorne and south Warks.
LH50 Photocopy of map of Warwickshire parish boundaries
LH55 “A Topographical Glossary”, being the photocopied appendix of an unknown book, also photocopies glossary from “History of Warwickshire”
LH56 Extract from “Woods, Wolds and Groves, the Woodland of Medieval Warwickshire”, by Sarah J. Wager (1998), with appendix of list of records of Lighthorne
LH65(E) Peter Hinman’s research notes, correspondence, photos, 1998 – 2006, prior to the publication of his booklet “Lighthorne, A Short History”, including the church buildings, stained glass, houses, residents
LH84 Various newspaper clippings re Lighthorne, 1968-2017
LH87(E) “Origin and Explanation of the name Lighthorne”, by Peter Hinman (1998)
LH88(E) “Woodland, Park and Warren in relation to Lighthorne”, by Peter Hinman (2000)
LH91(E) “Anglo-Saxon Settlements of Lighthorne”, by Peter Hinman (1999)
LH92(E) “The Black Death and Tenants’ Charter”, by Peter Hinman (2000)
LH92.1(E) Extracts concerning the 1398 tenants’ revolt, from “The English Peasantry in the Late Middle Ages” by R.H.Hilton, with extracts from SBT DR98 – 676a and 685 and comments from Peter Hinman (1999)
LH94(E) “Abednigo Mitchell and Local Highwaymen”, by Peter Hinman (1998)
LH97(E) “Domesday Lighthorne, How the Village was assessed in 1087 AD”, by Peter Hinman (2000)
LH98(E) “Lighthorne Time Line”, by Peter Hinman (2006)
LH103 Notes on the history of Lighthorne from the Norman Conquest to 1870, by George Smith
LH107 Photocopies and a few negatives of photos of postcards of Lighthorne, also photocopies of Lighthorne groups of people with identifications
LH108 Reproductions of sketches and paintings of Lighthorne buildings
LH112(E) “Lighthorne Village Sign”, by Peter Amis, supplement to parish magazine, April 2001
LH114(E) The Geology of Lighthorne and its Effect on Settlement, by Colin Such (2013)
LH115 Village Design Statement reports and correspondence, 1997 – 2000
LH116 Lighthorne Conservation Area leaflet, by Stratford District Council
LH117(E) “Lighthorne, 1900 – 2000, a Century in Images” edited by Colin Such (2010), DVD, captions, Powerpoint presentation, photos, notes
LH117.1 DVD “Lighthorne, 1900 –  2000, a Century in Images” edited by Colin Such (2010)
LH117.2 Warks. Community Awards 2011 History & Heritage gold award certificate for DVD “Lighthorne, 1900 – 2000, a Century in Images”, also correspondence
LH118 List of trade directories at Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Library and Archive (SBT), also brochures about SBT and WCRO
LH121 Lighthorne Community Post Office 1990-1 awards and photos
LH123 “Joe, the Story of a South Warwickshire Countryman”, by Peter Johnson (2000), also 2016 research notes and correspondence for 2nd edition – see LH123.1
LH123.1 “Joe’s Story, a Century of Change in the South Warwickshire Countryside”, by Peter Johnson (2022)
LH123.2 “My Working Life” by Joe Gerring, a CD recorded in September 1975, concerning his life and work as a farm labourer and woodman in south Warwickshire
LH123.3 Focus Life magazine, December 2023, containing article about “Joe’s Story, a Century of Change in the South Warwickshire Countryside”
LH130(E) Exercise book recording building work done by Lighthorne resident George Humphriss, between 1904 and 1911, also containing details of 1906 Moreton Morrell Cup football match results, also scans
LH131(E) Minute book of the Lighthorne 1952-3 Coronation Committee, also scans
LH132(E) Invitation card to the Lighthorne festivities to mark the 1953 coronation, also scan
LH133 Parish magazines for May 1905 (photocopy of Lighthorne and Chesterton extract only), 1919 (3 different, photocopy of Lighthorne and Chesterton extract only), Jan 1932, Feb 1933, July 1933, Mar 1937 (photocopy of Lighthorne and Chesterton extract only), May 1937, Dec 1937, Jan 1938 – July 1938, Dec 1938, Jan 1940 – Dec 1942, May – July 1943, Jan – Mar 1946, May 1946, June 1946, Feb 1948, May – Dec 1948, Jan – Apr 1949, July – Sept 1949, Nov 1949 – Apr 1950, June – Oct 1950, Dec 1950 – Apr 1951, June 1983, Nov 1989 – Jan 1990, Nov 1992 – Nov 1998, Feb 1999 – Oct 1999, various Mar 2000 – Feb 2004, April 2020 (details of Covid restrictions)
LH133.1 Parish magazine distribution details and cover design artwork, circa 2008
LH135 Collection of documents relating to the design, construction and use of the Village Hall from 1959 to 1966, including accounts
LH136(E) 1960s brochure relating to hiring of the Village Hall and photocopy and scan
LH139(E) “Origins of the Working Population of Lighthorne in the C19th”, by Peter Hinman (1999)
LH143 Photocopy of 1933 abstract of 1856 conveyance of a messuage and farm in Lighthorne, from Lord Willoughby de Broke, to Rev Edward Golding and Matthew Malcolm
LH144(E) 1940s Weekend programme and photos and scan of flyer, May 2005
LH151 Ordnance Survey 1:10,650 (6 inches to 1 mile) sheet SP 35 NW, including Newbold Pacey, Chesterton, Moreton Morrell and Lighthorne, dated 1955, also photocopies
LH151.1 Ordnance Survey 1:2500 (25 inches to 1 mile) sheet XLV4, dated 1886, also photocopies
LH151.2 Ditto, 2nd edition (1905), mounted on cloth, also photocopies
LH151.3 Ordnance Survey 1:25000 (25 inches to 1 mile) sheet XLV7 (Lighthorne Rough), 2nd edition, mounted on cloth
LH151.4 Ordnance Survey 6 inches to 1 mile sheet XLV NE (Lighthorne and Moreton Morrell), 2nd edition (1906), marked with details of artesian wells, also 3 further S. Warks. sheets
LH153(E) “The Lighthorne Evacuation Experience” by David Amery (2011)
LH157 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend souvenir programme (2012)
LH159(E) Anglo Saxon Lighthorne and the Norman Conquest by Peter Hinman (1999)
LH166 Index and explanation of the registers of baptisms, marriages and burials held at the Warwick County Record Office (WCRO) and notes on documents referring to Lighthorne held at the Warwick County Record Office (WCRO) and at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Library and Archive (SBT)
LH182(E) World War 1 soldiers commemorated on the Lighthorne War Memorial, by Ann Such (2014, with amendments 2018), also sources
LH182.1(E) Lighthorne war memorial and military gravestones photos, also LH182(E)
LH188(E) Parish Magazines November 2013 onwards (incomplete)
LH189(E) Parish Council minutes April 1997, August 2000 – April 2008 and January 2013 onwards, Parish Council Annual reviews and Newsletters 2001 – 2009
LH190(E) Residents’ Reminiscences – Wendy Heaney (2012)
LH191(E) Residents’ Reminiscences – Betty Bywater (2015)
LH194 The Lighthorne village sign 2000 – 2001: correspondence, designer’s artwork, plans and impressions, opening ceremony documentation and photographs [See also e-folder LH112.1(E)]
LH196 1856 embroidered sampler made by 14 year old Lighthorne resident Sarah Wilkins
LH198 Eleven picture postcards of Lighthorne dating from 1900 to 1925
LH206 Minute book of minutes of the meetings of Lighthorne Parish Council, between May 26 1952 and January 14 1964
LH207 Sports ground planting project, 2003-4, correspondence, plans and photographs and award certificates
LH208 Lighthorne Parish Council 1999 – 2002 correspondence concerning boundary changes and the splitting of Lighthorne and Lighthorne Heath parishes
LH209 2008 copy of the agreement for the purchase of the telephone kiosk from BT
LH210 Electoral boundary review correspondence, minutes and maps, 1995 – 2003
LH211 Parish Council correspondence re Countryside Right of Way Act 2000 in relation to remaining heath land in parish and CRoW brochures and local maps showing rights of way, also Parish Paths Partnership correspondence, 1998 – 2002
LH212 Correspondence concerning the gift to the Parish Council of the Goode land in Church Lane, 1993
LH213 1997 agreement between John Boom and Parish Council re land on village green
LH214 Lighthorne Sports Club leases, correspondence and agreements, 1975 – 1997
LH220 Residents’ Reminiscences – Barbara Townsend (late 1990s)
LH221 Map of proposed route of M40 between Banbury and Warwick, published by the Department of Transport (1985)
LH222 Various photographs of Lighthorne, taken by Keith Sheppard, also aerial views, ca. 1995
LH223 Boundary review material: Stratford District Council Electoral Review 1999; correspondence concerning review of Lighthorne / Lighthorne Heath parish boundary 2001; map of Warwickshire re electoral boundary review 2003
LH224 1995-7 correspondence between Keith Sheppard and various bodies re inaccurate mapping of Lighthorne
LH225 Lighthorne Conservation Area report by Shankland Cox for Stratford District Council (1994), also a photocopy including appendices and photocopied maps
LH226 Correspondence and draft of Lighthorne Parish Plan (2011)
LH228 Residents’ Reminiscences of the 1950s – Betty Bywater and John Pearce (2012)
LH229(E) DVD of Lighthorne village hall construction, 1960
LH230(E) DVD “The Top End of Lighthorne” by Jock Adams (2012)
LH231(E) DVD “Kart-racing in Lighthorne” by Jock Adams (2012)
LH232 Residents’ Reminiscences of the 1950s – author unknown
LH233 Photocopies and copy photographs and a few negatives of groups of Lighthorne schoolchildren, some captioned, circa 1906 – 1940s
LH235(E) “The Lighthorne Loss Accounts of the English Civil Wars” by Ann Such with contributions by Colin Such (2020)
LH235.1(E) “The Lighthorne Loss Accounts of the English Civil Wars” Powerpoint talk by Ann and Colin Such (2020)
LH235.2(E) Lighthorne Loss Accounts of the English Civil Wars folder containing extensive notes, Powerpoint presentations, LH235(E), LH235.1(E), photos, transcriptions of wills
LH236(E) Scan of 1960 conveyance of village hall site from Miss K. Mountford to Lighthorne P.C.
LH237(E) Scan of 1963 and 1967 conveyances and agreements re sports field
LH238(E) Scans of Land Registry entries of Lighthorne P.C. land
LH241(E) Lighthorne Celebrates VE Day at Home, May 8th 2020, by Penny Amis (2020) with photos by Katie McCullough
LH245 “Lighthorne 2000 Story Board” by Martin Thornton (2000) and correspondence concerning the Lighthorne history display boards (1998 – 2000)
LH246 Photographs and negatives of the Broadwell and weeping willow, circa 2000
LH247 Photographs of tree planting on the Goode land, circa 2000
LH248 Photographs of the ancient shrew ash, in the field adjacent to Dark Lane, blown down 7-8 May 2011
LH249 Photograph of the coal store on The Bank, circa 2000
LH250 Sports Ground rehabilitation project 2003-5, including photographs taken August 2003 and of tree planting in January 2004
LH251(E) Copy of 2004 letter from Peter Hinman to Lighthorne Parish Council with details of the conduit carrying Thelsford Brook under Church Lane
LH255 Printed notices and ephemera concerning the Coronavirus pandemic, commencing March 2020
LH257(E) “Lighthorne Christmas Card Scheme for the Benefit of Myton Hospice” by Jane Rigby (2023) and scheme Christmas cards from 1999 to 2023
LH261 2022 Platinum Jubilee celebration ephemera
LH265(E) Aerial photograph of Lighthorne, taken by the RAF on 15 October 1945 (raf_106g_uk_921_rs_4009)
LH267(E) Scans of various local newspaper clippings re Lighthorne and residents, 1900 – 1969
LH270 2023 Burns Night programme
LH271 The Walter Robert Verney scrapbooks, 1873 – 1913, scans of the pages and details
LH272(E) Programme of an 1887 Concert in the Lighthorne school room, with manuscript alterations, also scans
LH273 Programme of the 1898 Lighthorne Flower Show and Village Festival, also scans
LH275(E) “Entertainments in Lighthorne from the 1870s to the 1940s”, by Colin Such (2023), also Powerpoint and notes
LH276 Scrapbook of 1977 royal silver jubilee celebrations in Lighthorne, compiled by Sandra Knapton
LH277 Crown China ceramic mugs commemorating 2022 platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and 2023 coronation of King Charles III, both with Lighthorne inscriptions
LH278 Photographs, taken 1947, of Bishop’s Hill, Broadwell (2), camping at Westfield (2), etc., by the Gilliatt family of Warwick
LH281(E) 2023, 2024 Village Show flyers and entry forms
LH303 1977 Diocese of Coventry Educational Endowment Order listing Lighthorne C of E school and teacher’s house
LH307 Receipts for diocesan documents deposited at Warwick County Record Office under references DR0018, DR220, DR672, DR1344, DR1499 for Lighthorne and list of receipts for Chesterton and Moreton Morrell
LH309 1947-1954 minutes of the Lighthorne and Chesterton Flower and Produce Show, incl. 1950 letter from Clare Verney to Major Warlow-Harry
LH316 Photos and details of village events held between 2002 and 2009, including 2002 children’s games in the churchyard, 2002 Alton Towers visit flyer, 2003 Family Fun Day details, 2003 Harvest Supper, 2004 Walk for Water, 2005 and 2006 cream teas in the churchyard, 2005 and 2006 Christmas anthologies, 2007 and 2008 cricket tournaments, 2009 Village Show details, undated hedge planting in the graveyard
LH319 Warks County Council 2009 plan showing proposed extension of 30 mph speed limit zone
LH326 Programme of the 2014 6th Annual Village Show
LH334(E) Village Walk and Talk by Colin Such (2023) Powerpoint presentation and speaker’s notes
LH335(E) “Lighthorne, A Short History” by Peter Hinman (2006) [For notes and text see LH336(E)]
LH336(E) “Lighthorne, A Short History” by Peter Hinman (2006) notes and text [For published booklet see LH335]
LH337(E) Scans of newspaper clippings re Lighthorne entertainments, 1892 – 1946
LH338(E) “Yes, We Remember It Well” a Lighthorne anthology of reminiscences of the 1940s, edited by Keith Sheppard (2008)
LH338.1(E) “Yes, We Remember It Well”, production notes, Word documents, including LH338(E), scans of photos
LH340(E) Scan of Lighthorne area and key of Henry Beighton’s 1730 map of Warwickshire
LH341(E) Scan of Lighthorne 1662 Hearth Tax list
LH343(E) 2008 “Midlands Today” TV clip of phone box purchase
LH344(E) Photos taken in 2000, by Martin Thornton, including Easter bicycle ride and children’s treasure hunt, removal of church windows for restoration, 2000 millennium celebrations, Lighthorne views and houses, Cinderella, also 2 Powerpoint presentations
LH345(E) Scans of Lighthorne picture postcards from 1900s to 1950s
LH347(E) Lighthorne scans and photos 1900 – 2000, including street views, individual houses, groups including school, family, sports teams, drama productions, 1990 snow, 2000 millennium
LH348(E) Lighthorne photos, 2000 onwards, including residential developments, royal occasion celebrations, 2007 floods, 2018 snow, maintenance volunteering
LH350(E) “Lighthorne Now and Then – A Personal Reflection” by Wendy Heaney (2024)
LH351 “Lighthorne Village, a look at the history”, notes on the history by Irene Proudman, prepared for the Village Design Statement (1997)
LH352(E) Digital photos of 2024 D Day commemoration
LH353(E) Digital photos of opening of refurbished bus shelter

Pre-History and Archaeology

LH2 Warwickshire Museum Sites and Monuments Record for Lighthorne, 1997
LH3 Warwickshire Museum Sites and Monuments Record for area around Lighthorne, 2001
LH47 1983 report of Roman villa at Hill Farm, by P.M. Booth and poor quality photocopies of 1878 aerial photographs of site.
LH47.1(E) Digital scan of 1978 aerial photograph of site
LH47.2(E) Digital scan of 1990s aerial photograph of site
LH47.3(E) Hill Farm roman villa site folder including scans LH47.1(E), LH47.2(E), report LH197(E)
LH69 1956 notes of a discussion in 1923 with Robert Hutchins about finding skeletons in Oldborough Field and Great Mill Field
LH93(E) “Civil War Coin Hoard, found 1972”, by Peter Hinman (2000), also photocopy of BNY 1974 report
LH95(E) “Stone Age Lighthorne, the first known Villagers”, by Peter Hinman (2000)
LH96(E) “The Nine Guardians Ritual Burials in Owberry Field”, by Peter Hinman (2000)
LH122 Reports of items found on Sir Adam Butler’s fields in Lighthorne and Chesterton parishes by the Coventry Heritage Detector Society, 1999-2001
LH137(E) List of Lighthorne ancient burials and comments by Peter Hinman (1998)
LH152 Photocopy of report by Warks. Museum Field Services (2002) of Archaeological Observation at St. Laurence’s Church
LH197(E) “Report of Geophysical Survey at Hill Farm, Lighthorne”, by Stratascan, August 2015
LH349(E) 2015 Farriers’ Way development Dec 2015 archaeological trial trenching report no. 1594, by Archaeology Warwickshire

Compton Verney Estate Sale

LH124 June 25th 1929 James Styles & Whitlock auction catalogue of the Compton Verney Estate sale, together with sale plan no. 1 (Lighthorne, Compton Verney and Combrook) and sale plan no. 3 (Lighthorne) and a photocopy of sale plan no. 2 (Combrook)
LH125 Photocopy of September 10th 1929 James Styles & Whitlock auction catalogue of the Compton Verney Estate sale
LH126 Photocopy of the June 24th 1930 James Styles & Whitlock auction catalogue of the remaining portions of the Compton Verney Estate
LH126.1 (E) Compton Verney Estate sale folder containing scans of individual auction lot descriptions and notes
LH154 Tuesday 24th June 1930 auction lot purchase agreement by Robert Kerruish for lot 20 in the Compton Verney Estate sale

Census Returns

LH4 Photocopy of original entry for part of the 1901 census for Lighthorne and transcript by Peter Hinman of entire entry for Lighthorne
LH4.1(E) Transcript of 1901 census of Lighthorne by Colin Such
LH5 Photocopy of original entry for 1891 census for Lighthorne
LH5.1(E) Transcript of 1891 census of Lighthorne by Colin Such
LH6(E) Photocopy of Family Search transcript of 1881 census for Lighthorne
LH6.1(E) Transcript of 1881 census of Lighthorne, by Colin Such
LH7 Photocopy of original entry for 1871 census for Lighthorne
LH8 Photocopy of original entry for 1861 census for Lighthorne
LH9 Photocopy of transcript of 1851 census for Lighthorne
LH165(E) 1911 census return forms of Lighthorne families
LH313 1991 census data for Lighthorne, Chesterton, Moreton Morrell and Newbold Pacey parishes, contained in 1996 brochure “Opportunities for Local Ministry”, produced by the Diocese of Coventry, with 1:10,000 map
LH329(E) Scans of enumerator’s returns of 1841 census for the parish of Lighthorne
LH330(E) Scans of enumerator’s returns of 1851 census for the parish of Lighthorne
LH331(E) Scans of enumerator’s returns of 1861 census for the parish of Lighthorne
LH332(E) Scans of redacted enumerator’s returns of the 1939 National Registration of Lighthorne
LH333(E) Folder of scans and transcripts of censuses of Lighthorne parish, including LH 165(E), LH329(E), LH330(E), LH331(E), LH332(E)


LH11 Photocopy of 1994 Warks. District Council Conservation Area Review, prepared by Shankland Cox, with a description of Lighthorne buildings
LH32 Photocopy of particulars and valuation of Curacy Farm, purchased by Sir Willoughby be Broke from the Green estate, 1829 (DR 622/274/6)
LH35 Photocopy of completion statement for 2 Church Cottages from the Verney estate auction (lot 94A), by Mr. Hunt, June 1930
LH79 Extract from “The Buildings of England” by Nikolaus Pevsner 
LH79.1 List of reference sources for church and notable buildings of Lighthorne by Chris Pickford (2010)
LH81(E) Village Time Walk, by Peter Hinman, with additions by Colin Such
LH155(E) A Brief Account of some of the significant Lighthorne Buildings, by Colin Such (2012)
LH163 1972 estate agent’s details and photos of Bishops Farmhouse and Bishops Farm Cottage, when placed for sale by Ivan Bennell
LH163.1(E) Scans of Bishops Farmhouse contents auction catalogue by Locke and England, 27 April 1972, also scan of clipping from Coventry Evening Telegraph about an antique table from the sale
LH201 Housestyle Countrywide Ltd “Farrier’s Way” development sales brochure, 2016
LH203 Architect’s plans for alterations to 4 and 5 Church Hill Court, 2007
LH216 Estate agents, Victoria Jeffs, sales brochures of houses sold in Lighthorne between 2012 and 2017
LH259 2020-21 restoration of Yew Tree Cottage, Post Office Lane, a recorded DVD of the Channel 4 TV programme “George Clarke’s Old House, New Home”, broadcast 8th December 2021
LH292(E) Scan of photocopy of 21 year lease of the Teacher’s House, from 1958 to 1979, from Trustees of Lighthorne C. E. School, to Warks. County Council

St Laurence’s Church

LH27(E) Photocopy of 1718 pew agreement and list of subscribers, with transcription by Colin Such (2023)
LH40 1976 St Laurence’s Church centenary festival programme and notes
LH64 “Feast of St Lawrence, Deacon Martyr, August 10”, transcript of web page by Katherine I. Rabenstein (1998)
LH80 Historical notes on the church and bells, by Chris Pickford (2005)
LH82 Holy Week and Easter 1956 programme
LH83(E) “Welcome to Lighthorne Church” brochure by Peter Hinman (circa 2000) and notes
LH89(E) “Peter Smart, Puritan Divine, born in Lighthorne”, by Peter Hinman (2000), also notes and correspondence
LH119 Description of St Laurence Church by the South Midlands Group of the William Morris Soc. (1999)
LH127 Photocopy of December 10th 1772 faculty or license for the demolition of the old church and its rebuilding (Hereford & Worcester CRO 795.053 BA 2939)
LH128 Photocopy of January 1st 1773 faculty or license for the demolition of the old church and its rebuilding (Hereford & Worcester CRO 795.053 BA 2939)
LH128.1(E) Transcript document LH128
LH129 Photocopy of January 1773 intimation to the congregation of the granting of a faculty for the demolition of the old church and its rebuilding
LH129.1(E) Transcript of document LH129
LH140 “Easter Monday, 1905”, by Peter Hinman (1999) [See also LH160(E)]
LH141 “Lighthorne Church”, by Peter Hinman (2000), with photocopies of engravings and sketches of previous churches
LH142(E) Notes on St Laurence Church by Peter Hinman (circa 2000)
LH160(E) Elm Tree falls on Church by Colin Such (2012) [See also LH140]
LH179(E) St. Laurence’s Church brochure and proofs (2013)
LH181 Churchwarden’s correspondence, 1986 – 2007 [This file is now deposited at the Warwick County Record Office, under accession number CR5270. The following scans have been taken of documents in this file: LH292(E) and LH294(E) through to LH301(E).]
LH187(E) Report on the investigation of the Verney vault below St. Laurence’s Church, Lighthorne, Saturday 15 August 2015, by Alwyn Knapton
LH187.1(E) Photos of the investigation of the Verney vault below St Laurence’s Church, 15 August 2015, by Nelson Watkins
LH195(E) The Verney Vault at Lighthorne Church, a transcription of the entry in the Lighthorne register concerning the Verney vault and interpretation of the evidence about the vault, by Colin Such (2015)
LH279 Photocopies of newsletters to the parishioners from Rev. William Shakespeare Newton, Dec 1957 – Jan 1958
LH280 Programmes of Christmas anthologies in the church, 2005 and 2019
LH283(E) Scan of the 1936 Terrier and Inventory
LH284(E) Scan of the 1938 plan by the Warham Guild of London for the proposed arrangements for a side chapel in the North Chancel
LH285(E) Scan of 1966-84 Terrier
LH286(E) Scan of 1951 inventory of the church by the Rev W. Shakespeare Newton, with additions and alterations to 1959
LH287 Photocopy of extract from 1884 parish magazine concerning missing communion cup
LH290(E) Scan of 1964 faculty for the replacement of the organ
LH293(E) Scan of plans of 2002 church alterations, including provision of toilet and removal of 4 rows of pews and faculty for same including Chancellor’s Judgment
LH295(E) Scans of 2007 Church tower roof re-leading, plan and faculty
LH302 Plan of church to a scale of 1/8 inch to 1 foot
LH304 1963 Order to transfer Lighthorne to the rural deanery of Dassett Magna and 1976 Pastoral Order for the holding in plurality of the benefices of Newbold Pacey, Moreton Morrell, Chesterton and Lighthorne
LH305(E) Scans of Diocesan Surveys of Lighthorne for 1972 and 1976
LH306 Booklet, 24 pp, linen-bound, “Hymns and Anthems used in Lighthorne Church”, printed by George Lacy, High St, Warwick, dated in ms 1870
LH314 2002-3 alterations to the church, including removal of 4 rows of pews, formation of new vestry, creation of toilet, correspondence, plans, reports, accounts and faculty application
LH315 Warks. Best Kept Churchyard Competition certificates awarded to Lighthorne in 2005 (gold) and 2007 (silver)
LH317 2010 quinquennial inspection report of the church
LH318 Photos of the exterior of the church, 1996 and circa 2005 and interior by John Hill 2001, also aerial photo of centre of village pre 2016

Church Bells

LH12 Extract from “The Church Bells of Warwickshire” by Tilley and Walters (1910)
LH76(E) The Bells of St Laurence, Lighthorne, by Mike Rigby (2006, revised 2013)
LH120(E) “The Church of St. Laurence, Lighthorne, a Report on the Bellframe”, by Chris Pickford FSA (2006)
LH149 Report on Lighthorne Church Bells and estimate for their rehanging, by John Taylor & Co of Loughborough, September 1937
LH168(E) The Bells of the Mid Fosse Benefice by Mike Rigby (2013)
LH169(E) Notes on the Church Bells in The Mid Fosse Benefice by Chris Pickford
LH178 Order of service for the dedication of Lighthorne’s peal of bells, November 26th 2006
LH202(E) List of peals rung at St. Laurence, Lighthorne, by Mike Rigby (2017), also 1974 and 1975 minimus peals certificates
LH234(E) The History Behind the Bells of St Laurence’s Church, Lighthorne, by Mike Rigby (2018)
LH294 1995 report on the bells installation by Whytes of Appleton
LH296(E) Scans of 2004 report by Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd on the bell installation, plans and quotations for recommended works, also 2006 architect’s letter and plan of hatch replacement in tower, 2006 GCA plan of beam replacement in tower
LH297(E) Scans of 2006 plans of tower and bellframe by K.L. Blackburn
LH298(E) Scan of 2006 Whitechapel Bell Foundry certificate for the 4 tuned bells and 2 new ones
LH299(E) Scan of the 2006 faculty for the acquisition and installation of 2 additional bells
LH300(E) Scan of 2006 letter from Whitechapel Bell Foundry re inscription on 2 new bells
LH301(E) Scan of 2006 list of finance sources for 2 new bells and bellframe and installation
LH310 Further Report on the Bells and Tower of the Church of St Laurence, Lighthorne, 18th June 2004, by the Coventry Diocesan Guild of Church Bellringers
LH311 Church bells project, 2005-7, including correspondence, photos, reports (incl. LH76, LH80, LH120, LH310), newspaper cuttings, Nov 2006 service of dedication programme LH178, CD of Sept 2006 foundry visit

Church Glass

LH66 Photocopy of “The Armorial Glass in Lighthorne Church” by H.T. Kirby
LH101(E) “The Glass of Lighthorne Church”, by Peter Hinman (2000), including notes on glass manufacture and glazier Nicholas Eyfeller
LH134(E) “The Windows in St. Laurence’s Church, Lighthorne” by Colin Such (2014)
LH134.1(E) Church windows folder containing files, correspondence, notes, photos, also LH134(E)
LH158(E) Original artwork and correspondence concerning the Vicky Stephenson memorial window by Christopher Lund (1995)
LH183(E) Comparison of the St. Sebastian Windows of Fairford (Glos) and Lighthorne Churches by Colin Such (2015)
LH288(E) Scan of 1946 faculty for the memorial window to Elizabeth Georgina Verney
LH291(E) Scan of 1968 faculty for the completion of the Verney memorial window by John Hardman Studios


LH148(E) Lighthorne memorial tombstones located and plotted by Lighthorne History Society, 2011-14, with amendments 2018, revised 2023
LH148.1(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of memorial tombstones listed in LH148(E)
LH148.2(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of tombstones with prefixes NW and W, listed in LH148(E)
LH148.3(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of tombstones with prefixes SW. listed in LH148(E)
LH148.4(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of tombstones with prefixes N, NE and E, listed in LH148(E)
LH148.5(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of tombstones with prefixes E, listed in LH148(E)
LH148.6(E) Sketch map of graveyard showing location of tombstones with prefixes S and SE, listed in LH148(E)
LH150 Monumental Inscriptions, St. Laurence Church, Lighthorne, Warwickshire, by Birmingham & Midland Society for Genealogy & Heraldry (1985), together with a copy of a record made by the Rev. Harvey Bloom, early 20th century (SBT DR41/16)
LH150.1 Plan of the St. Laurence’s Church graveyard, scale 1:100, showing approximate positions of gravestones, as recorded by Butler Sherborn of Burford, circa 1997
LH289(E) Scan of 1951 faculty for the laying flat of the tombstones

Field Names and Enclosures

LH13 Transcript of Lighthorne Ecclesiastical Terriers for 1586, 1616 and 1714, detailing land holdings
LH30 Photocopy of an Act to Enclose Lighthorne Common Fields, 1721 (D 346)
LH42 Photocopy of map of Lighthorne ridge and furrow
LH43 Photocopy of 1930s map of Lighthorne fields and list of field names (WCRO P39)
LH44 Photocopies of enclosure maps of Lighthorne:
LH44.1 Photocopy of 1721 enclosure map of Lighthorne Lordship (SBT DR 98/1818)
LH44.2 Photocopy of C18 plan of estate of Lord Willoughby de Broke (SBT DR 98/1821)
LH44.3 Poor quality photocopy of 1697 map of field boundaries (WCRO 2228/4 U)
LH46 Photocopy of undated Combrook farm field plan with details of planting
LH54 “Common Fields and the Process of Enclosure”, an extract from “English Field Names”, author unknown
LH99(E) “The Field Names of Lighthorne Parish”, by Peter Hinman (1999)
LH266(E) National Farm Survey 1941-3, scans of reports on Home Farm and land farmed by Ben Cole


LH28 List of Lighthorne wills, 1538 to 1871
LH29 “The Greens of Lighthorne” by Anthony Cooper (1988)
LH31 Photocopy of Parish Deed of Support for Edward Ligit, Blacksmith of Lighthorne, 1764. (SBT DR 220)
LH70(E) List of names on Mid Fosse war memorials
LH85 Correspondence concerning the Boyles family genealogy
LH86 Olorenshaw family genealogy and correspondence
LH145(E) The Olorenshaw Family of Lighthorne and Draycote, Warwickshire, by Jill Prime (2009)
LH146(E) The Genealogy of the Talbot Family of Lighthorne, by Maurice White, edited and with additions by Colin Such (2023)
LH146.1(E) Talbot family files, including LH146(E), LH167(E), LH252(E) and notes
LH147(E) Details of some old Lighthorne Families, by Peter Hinman (2001)
LH156 Hunt family genealogy and notes
LH167(E) Talbot Family Genealogy by Dale Talbot (2013), edited and with additions by Colin Such (2023)
LH185 Photographs and Punch cartoon of Major Norman Huttenbach, Master of Hounds and resident of the Old Rectory in the late 1920s and early 1930s
LH193(E) Two Interesting Lighthorne Postcards, by Colin Such (2015)
LH199 Genealogical details of the Manton family, 1539 – 1684
LH200(E) “Details of Transported Convict, Daniel Blackwell, born Lighthorne April 1825”, by Lucy Blackwell, Ruth Moon and Keith Moon (1995)
LH215(E) Details of Pte Arthur Walter Boyles, named on the Lighthorne war memorial, by Mike and Sandy Boyles (2018)
LH215.1(E) Boyles family files, including LH215(E)
LH227 Parish of Lighthorne photocopy of electoral roll, probably 1940s, certainly pre March 1947
LH239(E) “The Treadwell Family of Lighthorne” by Robin (Bob) Berry, edited for photos by Colin Such (2020)
LH239.1(E) Treadwell family files, notes and photos, including LH239(E)
LH252 Notes on the Talbot family by Ann Such and Colin Such (2023)
LH253 Notes and emails concerning the Allibone family, by Ann Such (2008)
LH256 Photos and notes re the Treadwell, Berry and Camm families
LH258 Lighthorne Wills, 1538 – 1784, transcribed by Coventry Family History Society (2002)
LH268(E) “Survey of English Dialects, recording in Lighthorne, Warwickshire, Arthur Humphriss and Archibald Duckett” CD recorded by British Library, 28 July 1966 (BL C908/14 C3)
LH269 Order of Service of the funeral of Sir Adam Butler, 9 January 2008 and newspaper clipping of attendees, also Order of Service of the funeral of Lady Felicity Butler, 9 December 2022
LH325 Information re Humphrey family of Hill Farm
LH327(E) Information on Lighthorne families, including folders LH145.1(E), LH146.1(E), LH215.1(E), LH239.1(E), LH328(E)
LH328(E) Hunt family notes and photos

Lighthorne Parish Registers

LH170(E) Scan of 1538–1602 register of baptisms, marriages and burials
LH171(E) Scan of 1600–1678 register of baptisms, marriages and burials
LH172(E) Scan of 1667–1733 register of baptisms, marriages and burials
LH173(E) Scan of 1715–1781 register of baptisms, marriages and burials
LH174(E) Scan of 1770–1815 register of baptisms, marriages and burials
LH174.1(E) Scan of details of the Verney vault at St. Laurence’s Church from the parish register
LH174.2(E) Transcription of Verney vault details in Lighthorne register, by Colin Such
LH175(E) Scan of 1813–1825 register of burials
LH176(E) Scan of 1825–1838 register of baptisms and burials
LH177(E) Transcription of burials register, 1942 to 2011
LH192(E) Scan of 1836–1899 register of burials
LH262(E) Page scans of volume 1 of the Lighthorne register of Christenings/baptisms, marriages and burials, from 1538 to 1715 (WCRO DR0018/1)
LH263(E) Transcription of volume 1 of the Lighthorne register of Christenings/baptisms, marriages and burials, from 1538 to 1715 (WCRO DR0018/1), by Colin Such (2022)
LH264(E) Index of names in volume 1 of the Lighthorne register of Christenings/baptisms, marriages and burials, from 1538 to 1715 (WCRO DR0018/1), by Colin Such (2022)
LH308(E) Transcription and index of volume 2 of the Lighthorne Register of baptisms (1715-35), marriages (1715-33) and burials (1678-1735), WCRO DR0018/2, by Colin Such (2023)
LH339(E) Registers folder containing scans of register pages, transcriptions, notes, including LH170(E)-LH176(E), LH263(E), LH264(E), LH192(E), LH308(E), LH346(E)
LH346(E) List of burials in the churchyard, 2001-2009

Lighthorne Heath and Gaydon

LH52 Brochure and plans about proposed housing development at Lighthorne Heath and other planning applications and correspondence, 1989-93
LH73 Notes and newspaper clippings on Ugandan Asians at Gaydon, 1972, incl. “The Ugandan Asians at Gaydon Airport County Primary School – Autumn 1972” by Irene Proudman
LH75 Leaflet “Royal Air Force Gaydon, a Brief History”, British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (2001), also leaflets on Wellesbourne airfield Vulcan bomber
LH90(E) “Lighthorne Heath Airfield and Settlement”, by Peter Hinman (2001)
LH90.1(E) Scans of illustrations for LH90(E) and document LH90(E)
LH138(E) Notes on the crash of a Victor bomber at Combrook, in 1962
LH180 Documents concerning the Stratford-on-Avon District Council proposal for a new town at Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath and FORSE opposition documents
LH204 2015 Outline Planning Application, on behalf of IM Properties Ltd and Feldon Herbs Ltd, for the construction of 1000 houses on land adjacent to the Old Gated Road at Lighthorne Heath, by Stangate Planning
LH219 Notification by Stratford on Avon District Council of proposed Lighthorne Heath parish boundary changes (2018)
LH312 Various Lighthorne Heath documents, 1993 – 2005, including Church correspondence, plans, village hall project leaflet, 50th anniversary leaflet, 1993 anti-expansion flyer and plan, photos
LH342(E) Scans of programme “Royal Air Force, Gaydon, at Home” (1969)


LH48 Extracts from “The History of Chesterton and Kingston” by Dorothy A. Noden (1988)
LH57 Press cuttings and notes concerning the Barn Hill motorway services protest, 1988
LH74 “The Windmill and the Wellington Bomber” by Keith Douglas (2001) and photocopy of Wellington pilot’s handbook
LH104 “The Church of St. Giles”, being an extract from “A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 5, Kington Hundred” (1949)
LH106 “The Chesterton Windmill” leaflet by Warks. County Council (1995), also photocopies of 2 posters of the windmill, commemorating the restoration of 1971
LH113 Report on the archaeology of Chesterton, by Warks. Archaeology Research Team, 2007
LH184 “Save Chesterton” petition postcards re proposals to build a new town at Gaydon/Lighthorne Heath, by Alan Ranger (2014)
LH205 Album of photos, clippings and correspondence relating to the Barn Hill Quilt, made by local residents and raffled to raise funds for the Barn Hill motorway service station protest, by Margaret Dews, 1988-89
LH217(E) 1928 – 1956 scans of correspondence between the Willoughby de Broke Estate Co and Warks. County Council and the Ministry of Works, regarding repairs to Chesterton windmill, catalogued at the National Archives as WORK 14/1529 Office of Works and successors, Chesterton Windmill 1928-57
LH218(E) Scan of cutting from the Leamington Spa Courier 16.9.1949, concerning restoration of Chesterton windmill.
LH320 2001 letter from English Heritage, to the incumbent rector, describing the medieval settlement, moated site and fishponds
LH321 Chesterton village and church brochures (3), photocopies of engravings of Chesterton Hall windows and church monuments, information about Chesterton House, Norgrove Studios’ 1994 letter re repairs to church windows, 2010 programme of the service for the dedication of the church bells

Compton Verney

LH77 Photocopy of “Historical Notes on Compton Verney Church”, by Miss E.M. Mills (1932)
LH78 Photocopy of the 1954 article in “Country Life”, “The Compton Verney Glass”, by H.T. Kirby
LH161 Extract from “Shakespeare’s Land” by C.R. Ribton Turner (1893)
LH162 Photocopy of 1931 Christie, Manson & Woods auction catalogue containing stained glass from the Compton Verney chapel
LH242 Verney Family Tree
LH274(E) “The History of the Verneys and their Occupation of Compton Verney” by Christine Cluley (2022)

Moreton Morrell, Newbold Pacey and Ashorne

LH322 “A History of the Church of the Holy Cross, Moreton Morrell”, 1985 with 2007 addition re proposed memorial room, also photocopy of engraving from 1886 “The Building News”
LH323 “A Brief History of Moreton Hall, Moreton Morrell” by Frank Howell, also 2008 press clipping re rebuilding of the hall after the fire
LH324 Booklet “The Parish of St George the Martyr, Newbold Pacey and Ashorne” by Peter Tarver (1991)

Lighthorne Societies

LH109 Range of Lighthorne Drama Group programmes, poster and press clippings 1972 to date
LH110 Range of photographs of Lighthorne Drama Group productions of the late 1970s and 1980s
LH164 Accounts and documents of the Lighthorne Boys/Youth Club, 1959 – 1963
LH186(E) Captain Bruce Bairnsfather and his association with the Lighthorne Drama Group, by Colin Such (2014)
LH240 Lighthorne Drama Group 1986 production “An Easter Remembrance, Ancient and Modern” programme and music from “Jesus Christ Superstar”
LH243 Lighthorne Dramatic Society 1970 AGM minutes
LH244 Mothers’ Union typewritten poem about first Lighthorne meeting, probably 1960s
LH254 Photographs and copies of various pageants and dramatic productions between 1909 and 1949
LH260 Lighthorne Folk Club flyers, 2021-22

Publications by the Lighthorne History Society

LH335(E) “Lighthorne, A Short History”, by Peter Hinman (2006). Out of print. The website version is available here.
LH338(E) “Yes, we remember it well!” a Lighthorne anthology of reminiscences of the 1940s, by village residents, edited by Keith Sheppard (2008) Currently out of print, but it can be viewed here.
LH117.1 “Lighthorne 1900 – 2000, a Century in Images”, by Colin Such (2010)  Available from the society, if you deliver a memory stick to our archivist. Cost £5.
“Welcome to St. Laurence’s Church Lighthorne” by Colin Such (2013), a short guide available from the church